1. Gradually adjust their wake-up times

If they have been waking up late during the holidays, it wouldn’t be advisable to wake them earlier than usual immediately. The right way to do it would be to wake them 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier than their usual time, then move the times up within the next few days. They will adjust better this way.

How To Help Kids Sleep Well At Night

2. Move their bedtime up as well

Move their bedtime up by the same minutes or hours you did with their wake-up times. Make them go to bed earlier than usual until they’ve fully adjusted. 

3. Allow them lots of exercises

Allow your kids to play as much as they can during the day.  Physical exercise will make it easier for them to sleep well at night.  However, you might want to restrict playtime to daytime and never towards bedtime.

4. Don’t allow them to sleep in the afternoon

Let the kids play, do chores, and everything else, but don’t let them take the afternoon nap.

5. Discourage them from using electronics an hour to bedtime

Video games, computers, and smartphones emit blue light that can interfere with your ability to sleep.  You thus should restrict the use of these devices an hour or so to bedtime. You could also enforce this role to everyone in the house.

6. Don’t allow electronics in the bedroom

Limit their temptation to use electronics by disallowing them in the bedroom too.  Only allow them to use such electronics in the living room.

7. Have a bedtime routine

Create a bedtime routine for your kid(s).  This can be as simple as having them put on their pajamas, brush their teeth, and then read a bedtime story before tucking them in for the night.

8. Create a serene sleep environment

Create an environment good enough to promote sleep. Take advantage of the best Black Friday deals for furniture. Turn off all lights, shut the blinds/curtains, and set a lower temperature.

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