Sleeping is the best time of the day for many people. A night of good sleep is essential for all creatures including humans. An incorrect sleeping posture can cause lots of problems. If you are following an incorrect posture in sleeping, then this article is for you.

Sleeping on your back is one of the best postures that you can practice. It can solve a number of sleep issues that you undergo. Let’s check out some of them.

1. It’s comfortable

After a busy schedule, we need a good sleep. You can wake up fresh early in the morning. When you are laying on the back, a change in the light is noticeable. It is easy to wake up with light instead of an alarm. Laying on the back helps to sleep and wake up at optimal times.

2. Good therapy for neck and back pain

When you lean from the back, it causes only a little amount of pressure on the spine. It is just similar to standing up straight. The head also doesn’t turn in one direction for hours when sleeping on the back. Soreness is caused by turning the head in one direction for hours while sitting or standing. It directly compresses the spine causing back pain.

3. Reduces acid reflux and heartburn

People often wake up due to acid reflux or heartburn while sleeping. According to researches the best posture to avoid the problem is sleeping on the back with a slightly elevated head and chest. You must lay with the stomach keeping lower than the esophagus to help the operation of the digestive tract.

4. Eliminate tension headache

If you want to get rid of tension headaches, then sleep on your back. There are symptoms to figure out headache rooted in the cervical spine. Those are pain near eyes, stiff neck, light and noise sensitivity, upset stomach, throbbing pain on one side of the head or face, and pinched nerves. Try to keep your neck, spine, and head in a neutral position to avoid pain.

5. Reduce puffiness

Puffed eyes ruin your overall look. The way you sleep affects puff eyes in the morning. When you lay on the bed by pressing one side of the face, fluid gets collected in that area. This causes puffiness around the eyes causing swelling in the face. The flowing of blood is avoided by lying on the back. You must keep your head elevated to help in controlling fluid transfer. Your eyes won’t get bags or puffiness. You will wake up with a fresh look.

6. Prevent lines and wrinkles

Girls hate wrinkles and lines on the face. One of the main reasons for getting wrinkles is the friction generated between the face and pillow. Laying on the back will avoid all these skin problems. You can keep many of the skincare products away by sleeping on your back.

7. Reduces breakouts

Laying on your back improves your skin health. When keeping the face on the pillow, there is a greater chance to absorb oil and other dirt into the face. It causes whiteheads, blackheads, and skin irritations. This problem can be avoided by laying on the back.

8. Avoid breathing difficulties

Laying on the belly or side crowds the breathing space. You can easily avoid diaphragmatic breathing by laying on your back. These breathing difficulties directly affect losing attention span, increasing stress and bad mood. You can easily say goodbye to these problems by following the correct posture in sleeping.