It’s perfectly normal if you feel stressed or hopeless sometimes. But if you’re having thoughts of suicide, it’s important to seek help instantly. Suicide is a serious matter, and it’s mandatory to remember that you’re not alone. There are people who are concerned about you and are eager to help you in any situation. Let’s see what you can do to avoid the suicidal feelings.

1. Talk to Someone You Trust About How You’re Feeling

Talk to Someone You Trust About How You're Feeling


Talking to someone is a positive method to stay away from suicidal thoughts in various ways. First, it can avoid your loneliness. When you are telling someone about how you’re feeling, it can be endorsed to know that someone else understands your actual situation. Then you can feel comfortable around that person. This can help to reduce the isolation and loneliness that can often lead to suicidal thoughts.

Second, talking to someone is an obstacle to your negative thoughts. When you’re feeling suicidal, it’s common to have negative emotions about yourself and your surroundings. This method makes you realize that they are just thoughts. It can also help you to be more realistic and positive about the situation. The feeling of being heard and understood is an emotional support to get through every bad circumstance in your life. Emotional stability can be gained by having a good conversation with your trusted partner.

2. Take Care of Yourself Physically and Mentally

Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is compulsory for overall health and well-being, and it can also help to avoid killing thoughts.

  • Have a Healthy Diet – Eating healthy foods gives you the energy that you need to handle stress and other negative aspects.
  • Regular Exercise – Exercise is a great method to improve your mood and avoid stressful feelings. Including relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing. This may help a lot.
  • Engage in Hobbies – Doing activities that you like to bring joy and it makes you feel good. Try some good music, read your favorite book, and spend some time with your pets.

3. Be a Friend of Nature

Nature plays a huge role in making a peaceful mind. Spending a small amount of time with nature can provide a state of calm. This is how it works. The smells, sounds, and sights of nature soothe your mind. Also, engaging in different environmental activities like walking, hiking, traveling, and cycling helps to release endorphins which enhance the mood. This affects positively mental health as well as physical health.

If you have suicidal feelings. We can minimize it with a simple nature activity. Go camping, and be a gardener for a while. Then you will find the courage as it supports to build up your self-esteem. And definitely, you will learn to face challenges and not to harm yourself.

4. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

It is well known that alcohol and drugs increase mental and physical problems. So, in this case too. You may get a thought of having drugs when you are in trouble. But these things make you more hostile. When you are under the influence of drugs, you may be dragged involved in risky behaviors. Alcohol and drugs can attack your ability to think clearly and make direct decisions. Alcohol and drugs are Substances that drag you more into negative emotions.

On the other hand, these substances abuse your physical health as well. They easily damage body organs like the liver and lungs, decrease your immunity power, and increase the risk of accidents and injuries. Note that there are numerous ways to cope with suicidal feelings rather than consuming drugs.

5. Seek Professional Help

Seeking professional help is the best thing I recommend out of these if you are having offensive thoughts. The guidance of a therapist or counselor can help you to handle your feelings and to set a plan for avoiding suicide

These are some reasons why it is important to get professional help if you are having suicidal thoughts:

  • They have the training and experience to guide you. Mental health professionals are trained to aid people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. They can provide you with a safe environment to overcome your mental problems.
  • They can help you to set a plan for preventing suicide. They can teach you coping techniques. This plan will include things like identifying your weaknesses, developing coping mechanisms, and providing specific tasks to get connected with resources in your community.
  • They can help you stay safe. If you are feeling suicidal, it is important to stay safe. A therapist or counselor can help you stay safe by providing you with emotional support. You can achieve long-term mental health and well-being while carrying you to a recovery position.