Longer and stronger nails are a dream of many girls. If you also have the same dream, then gel extensions are there to help you. 

A hard gel built on a natural nail and cured with UV light is the process involved in getting gel nail extensions. Many top manicurists rely on gel extensions to get a beautiful set of nails. Your nails should be a bit longer to get gel extensions. If they are too short, then there won’t be space for an extension to stick to. 

How to apply gel nails?

A form is applied underneath the natural nails to create the length and shape you want. When it adheres, the hard or structured gel is applied to the nail. It covers the whole nail surface starting from the tip to the cuticle. Then you should be cured under a lamp. The next steps are similar to the ones in a regular gel manicure. The color is applied with standard soft gel polish. It should be cured layer by layer. If you are a nail art lover, then decorate tips and seal nails with a gel topcoat. 

It takes at least an hour to get a fresh set of extensions on your own or from an expert. Sometimes you will need about two hours depending on the length and shapes of the nail. If you want nail art, then it will take much more time. 

How long do gel extensions last?

Nail extensions are durable. But not for years. A good gel extension can last for about 3 to 4 weeks. You will notice a gap between the acrylic extension and your cuticles. It is because your nails are growing. You need to refill or remove gels completely. 

What are the problems with gel nails?

You must be careful with longer nail length. The maintenance must be going prominence while using gel extensions. Whenever you want to remove gel extensions, try to seek help from a professional. Otherwise, you will end up messing things up. Don’t pick and peel off your gel extensions. It can cause huge damages to the natural nail bed underneath. 

Are nail extensions safe?

The safety of gel nails depends on the way you apply or removed them. Gel extensions do not contain powder or harsh chemicals like toluene and methyl methacrylate. You must be careful when selecting a professional for doing gel extensions. 

Gel extensions have two techniques. You can use hard gel or structure gel and cured with a UV or LED light. Both these techniques look similar and feel alike. Among the two techniques, the hard gel is a more durable and common technique. It takes a long time to work and remove compared to structure gel. 

To Sum Up

Gel extensions help you to get popular nail arts. You must select a false nail with a matching size for the finger. They won’t fit with too short or bitten nails. You must be careful when removing gel extensions as careless removing can cause too much damage to the nails. More frequent use of gel nails also can cause thinning of nails over time.