Your lipstick can be looked at as just an accessory to complete your looks when it comes to doing your makeup. Lipstick can be used to the star of your face and can be used to make a full face of makeup, with the right steps. Aside from that, if you know how to properly use lipstick, it will bring out the best in your beauty!

How To Do Full Face Of Makeup With Only Lipstick

Speaking with experience, lipstick isn’t always the solution to getting a prettier face. On some occasions, going with a simple face wash is enough to bring in the best of you. However, if ever you felt that wasn’t enough simply consider getting a cream for your face. Normally, I would apply the cream onto my face to get more silky and pale skin. So, make sure you look at how you can create a full face of makeup with just your lipstick.

1. Preparing your face

Step one to creating a full face of makeup using lipstick is to prep your face. Preparing your skin before makeup application is crucial. Thereafter, begin by cleansing your skin by applying your daily skincare routine products, which should contain sunscreen and moisturizer. Moreover, If your face has any places with blemishes or redness, even your skin tone by using concealer or color-correcting primer.

2. Start creating a base with lipstick

If you have finished prepping your face, it’s time to apply a full face of makeup. Start by creating a base with your lipstick, and select a creamy pigmented lipstick in a shade that goes with your skin tone. Afterward, take the lipstick and start applying it on your forehead, cheeks, and your jaw using a brush or your fingers. To give out a seamless finish effect, blend the lipstick outwards towards your jawline and hairline.

3. Use lipstick to contour

Lipstick is a great way to contour your face. To contour your face, select a darker shade than the one you have used for the base. Proceed to apply this lipstick to your temples, jawline, and the hollows of your cheek. Blend the lipstick by using your finger or a brush to give out a natural-looking contour.

4. Use lipstick to highlight your face

In case you wanted to highlight your features, select lipstick in a lighter shade than the one you used for your base. Apply the lipstick to the brow bone, cupid bow, and the tops of your cheekbone, these are the highlight points of your face. Therefore, to create a subtle highlight, blend the lipstick with your finger or your brush.

5. Use lipstick to define your brows

Lipstick can be used to define your brows. In case you wanted to define your brows, check, and select a color that complements your hair. Apply the lipstick to your brows and fill out the infrequent areas by using a small brush. Moreover, to achieve a natural-looking finish, blend the lipstick you are using a spoolie brush.

6. Giving yourself a smoky eye

Employing the right technique, a smoky eye can be created using lipstick. To create a smoky eye effect, select red matte lipstick in the shade of plum or burgundy.  Apply the lipstick shade to your eyelids and blend it upwards towards where your crease is. To produce the smoky effect, employ a fluffy brush to blend the lipstick outwards. Finish the look with fake lashes or mascara. Now, look at yourself in the mirror with awe. I know, you already look like a different person and can’t believe it.

7. Using Lipstick to define your Lips

Of course, no full face of makeup with lipstick would be complete without defining your lips. Select a shade that goes with your outfit and skin tone. You can use a lip liner to avoid a messy mistake like a lipstick bleed. Thereafter, fill out your lips using the bullet of your lipstick or a brush. To give your lips more detail, use a lighter shade of lipstick in the middle of your lips and blend it outwards to give detail.

8. Completing the look

When it comes to completing your full face of makeup with lipstick, ensure that you follow these instructions.  To hold the lipstick in place and prevent it from moving and smudging you can use a setting powder. This settles your makeup onto your face. Aside from that, a setting spray can be beneficial as it creates a long-lasting finish and keeps your lipstick face makeup intact.

Tips for using lipsticks as a full-face makeup

So in case you wanted to get a couple of tips to get your makeup done faster, check these points out:

  1. When choosing the right lipstick for full-face makeup. Look for something that is pigmented, and creamy. It should be easy for you to mix and can last for a long time.
  2. Using the right equipment. You can use your basic makeup equipment which are brushes, and sponges to make your life easier to blend the lipstick and give your lipstick makeup a seamless finish.
  3. Being creative! Experiment with different colors of lipstick to create a unique look that goes with your outfits and skin tone.
  4. Practice, practice, practice! Using only lipstick to do full face make can be hard. Practice the techniques and experiment with different lipstick shades.
  5. Don’t be afraid. You shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match, be creative, and create endless possibilities by mixing different colors of lipstick. Do not be afraid to create a custom color that will make you unique.
  6.  Remember to balance the look. If you decide to make your makeup a bold lip look, remember to keep your makeup subtle. Moreover, if you decide to go with a bold eye look, it would be better to keep the shade of your lips muted.
  7. Take care of your lips. you will be wearing a lot of lipstick to create a full face of makeup. It is important to keep your lips moisturized and exfoliated beforehand. Therefore, this makes it easier to apply lipstick smoothly and does not stick to any dry areas.


The lipstick doesn’t serve only to make your look good but it can also make your face look good. Applying lipstick as full-face makeup is a fun and creative way to experiment with makeup. Using the right techniques and tools or full-face makeup up can make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to give yourself a smoky eye, bolalipid, or a natural look, lipstick can help achieve it all.

Here’s a small tip, just ensure that you make your lipstick seem to be anything but lipstick. You wouldn’t want anyone to know you use that for a full makeover, would you? Normally, what I would do is dab myself with a bit of glitter around my eyes. Not only does it bring out the beauty in my eyes but it also glows in the dark when shined upon! So, the next time you want to try out something new for any occasion, switch up your makeup routine.