Smokey eye makeup is a classic and everlasting look that drags the attention of everyone. This captivating style adds extra drama to your eyes. It is ideal for nightouts, dayouts, and any special events. Did you know that anyone can be proficient in this iconic look? Want to learn how to do the perfect smokey eye makeup? Then, you’ve come to the best place. Let’s get to know the things you should know before doing a perfect smokey eye makeup.

How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup

Some Tips Before The Smokey Eye

  • Always try to make it simple. When you commence. it is best to stick out with basic colors and techniques. Too much of colors and blending make your eyes look dull.
  • Use accurate brushes. You will need a few brushes like a blend brush, a creasing brush, and an eyeliner brush. These are essential to create a smooth, dramatic smokey eye.
  • The blend is the key. When it comes to a smokey eye, don’t be afraid to take enough time and blend until they are perfectly blended.

These are the pro steps for you to reach out the premium smokey eye makeup. Don’t worry even if you’re a fresher

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyes

At the very first step, you have to prepare your eyes before the perfect smokey eye makeup. This means cleaning your eyelids to remove all dirt and applying a primer in order to create a smooth base. Indeed, this will help you to keep a fresh look throughout the day.

Step 2: Select Your Eye Shadow Shades

In this second step, you will need to choose three shades. A light base shade, a medium transition shade, and a dark shade will be needed, for classic smokey eye makeup. Here are some amazing color combinations that we recommend for you to try.

  • Classic smokey eye – black, brown, and gray
  • Bronze smokey eye – bronze, copper and gold
  • Green smokey eye – emerald, forest green, and olive green
  • Blue smokey eye – navy, cobalt and teal
  • Purple smokey eye – plum, violet, and lavender

Step 2: Apply Shades

Now, we are going to apply the above-selected colors. Follow these steps to get an ultimate look.

  • Apply the light-based shade all over your eyelids and up to the brow bone. This will be your base color.
  • Apply the medium transition shade in the crease of your eye. Use a blending brush to blend the eyeshadow up towards the brow and down towards the lash line.
  • Then apply the dark shade in the corner of your eye. Blend it outwards and upwards, towards the crease.

Step 3: Blend!!!

This is the most important step. Need a seamless blending to get a perfect smokey eye. Use a blending brush to blend all the colors until there are no harsh lines.

Step 4: Define Your Eyes

To finish your smokey eye look. It is important to define your eyes. you can add eyeliner or mascara to fill up your lashes. For dramatic eye makeup, use black eyeliner and mascara. For a natural eye makeup, use brown eyeliner and mascara.

Another trick: Use a smudge to gently smudge the eyeliner. You can use a cotton swab or a smudge brush to create a smokey eye.

Step 5: Final Touchup

Use a makeup wipe or makeup remover on a cotton swab to clean up the fallout. If needed, then reapply concealer or powder under your eyes to freshen up the look.

When we consider the overall face makeup that will help you to highlight your smokey eye makeup, You can fill the sparse areas of your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil.

For lips, you can add a nude lip color to draw more attention towards the eye makeup.

Finally, set up the finish with a spray to make sure your makeup stays for a longer period.

Apart from the above steps. It is considerable to get to know about these factors as well. So, additional tips are as follows.

  • Consider the skin tone: If you have fair skin, use some lighter shades for eyeshadow. If you have dark skin, it is better to use dark shades.
  • Occasion: If you need a natural look, you can use muted shades of eyeshadow. If you need a more dramatic look, use some bolder shades.
  • Practice and experiment: There are no specific rules to try different color combinations when doing smokey eye makeup. All we tell you is to try different shades and techniques.