Your face makes the first impression on people. So the face needs to be pretty. But with the age, your skin changes. Sometimes you may lose confidence in your face after getting older. But with proper care, you can maintain younger and glowing skin. 

Make-up will always help to mask your skin damage. You can use make-up to get a younger-looking face. 

Use a moisturizer before applying make-up

Moisturizers can boost collagen and elastin production. Properly hydrated skin prevents wrinkles and promotes a younger looking. Make it a habit to use a moisturizer before wearing make-up.

Use a soft foundation

Heavy makeup does not match your skin. It can accentuate wrinkles by setting them into every line.  Select a lightweight or sheer foundation. You must select a lighter shade than your skin and have a satin finish. It will make your skin lighten and soften facial features. Try to use a primer before applying a foundation. 

Use a concealer

Concealer is essential when you are applying makeup to look younger. You can cover facial imperfections using a concealer. But make sure not to overdo it. Apply concealer on dark circles. Blend it lightly with the foundation to mask dark circles. 

Apply a highlighter

You can get a younger look by applying a highlighter. You need to apply it on top of the cheekbones below the eyebrows, on the outside of the septum near the eyes and chin, and on the nostrils. Highlighter will make your face fresh and add a more youthful appearance. 

Do eye makeup

Eye makeup can enhance your look. It can add a younger look to your face. The best tone for eyes is pink as it can brighten the eyes. Eye shadow powder will make your eyelid wrinkles less visible.  

Mascara enlarges the eyes and brightens the facial expression. Just pass a brown eyeliner along with the eyebrows. You can change the height a bit with upward strokes to give a lifted look. 

Apply blush

Selecting the blush color is important when you want to get a younger-looking face using makeup. Peach or pink color blush gives a freshness to the face. 

Use a lipstick

The lips are also one of the first parts of a face that catches someone’s eyes. Dried and dull lips will make your face look ugly. You must have a well-moistened lip. Try to apply a lip balm before wearing lipstick. Lip balm will help to moisten your lips. Then apply creamy lipstick having a natural color. If you love to highlight lips, then use a lip liner too. 

To Sum Up

Make-up always helps to enhance our beauty. But you should not overload the face with makeup as it can make your look worse. Be careful when selecting colors for your face. You must always consider the skin tone. If you follow the steps mentioned in this article, no one will be able to predict your age correctly. Keep in mind that, makeup is a temporary solution. Proper day today practices will help to maintain a younger look for a long time.