People pay much attention to their skincare schedule at the beginning of the new year. They find it difficult to sustain in the middle of the year and come to stop during the last months. But when you follow some skin-care resolutions at the beginning of a year, then it becomes a habit. Try to make it a habit to follow a skincare routine. So that you will be able to maintain the younger look for years. 

Let’s check out the 9 Skin Care Habits Dermatologists Want You to do in 2022

1. Apply sunscreen every day

Apply sunscreen every day

Though many people forget to apply sunscreen, it is an essential skin care product that you need to use daily. Dermatologists introduce sunscreen as the number one anti-aging cream. It can prevent accelerated aging and skin cancers. 

A sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is best to use daily. 

2. Remove makeup before bed

Remove makeup before bed

You should remove makeup before going to bed. Makeup blocks the pores in our skin. Clogged pores create severe damage to the eyes and lips. Make it a habit to wash your face before going to sleep. You can use a makeup remover to remove oil-based concealer. Use a gentle cleanser to clean your eyes. 

3. Don’t use expired products

Expired cosmetic problems can cause severe damage to your skin. It can create skin problems like skin cancers. Some people have used to gather all the unused products when decluttering homes and use them. Throw away unused or expired products from your closet.

4. Winter-proof your skin

Winter is the most challenging season for people. It is relevant to the skin too. People need to select extra skincare products for the winter season.  Low humidity and harsh cold create so many skin problems. Moisturizer products must be your favorite skin product of you during the winter season. 

5. Follow a simple and consistent routine 

A simple routine is easy to follow. When you use more skincare products, it will lead to irritation. Over-exfoliating, over scrubbing, and overloading creams and makeup is not suitable for the skin. An effective skincare routine is always easy to follow. 

6. Don’t smoke

Smoking is bad for your health. It destroys your beauty too. A dull, dry, and ruddy skin comes as a result of smoking. You need to avoid smoking in 2022. Dermatologists suggest kicking your smoking habit to enhance your beauty, 

7. Add Retinol and Vitamin C to your daily routine

Add Retinol and Vitamin C to your daily routine

Vitamin C which is an antioxidant is an essential vitamin to our body. You can use a vitamin C serum daily on the skin. It acts as a sunscreen that blocks harmful rays coming from the sun. Vitamin C serum can reduce the appearance of some of your pigmentation and sunspots. 

Retinol is suitable for the night as it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. It is a milder form of topical vitamin A. several retinol products are available on the market. You can start using retinol by applying a product twice a week. Then gradually increase the dosage weekly. 

8. Avoid picking your skin when you are stressed

Some people have used to picking their skin when stressed. It is a bad habit that adversely affects your beauty. There are several stress-relieving alternatives like popping a bubble wrap, getting a facial, and aerobic exercises. These stress-relieving alternatives will help to make you beautiful. 

9. Avoid using indoor tanning beds

People love to lay on an indoor tanning bed and sunbathe. Researchers have shown the bad outcomes of indoor skin tanning. Increasing the risk of melanoma is one of the adverse effects of skin tanning. So dermatologists suggest avoiding indoor tanning beds as a skincare resolution for 2022.