This sounds a little bit unfamiliar. Because the onion is a well-known staple of the kitchen. But don’t be a mess. After preparing it in a suitable way the juice by onion is a better solution for the falling of hair.¬† The juice of the onion could be turned into a perfect solution by yourself at your home only. Losing its hair is the most common problem that has to be faced by men or women. Continuous hair loss may turn into a complete blandness of the hair. And the existing hair can be caused by a thinning too. That condition has a specific name. This is called androgenetic alopecia. The disease has more side effects and could be turned into severe conditions. More of the occasion the disease might be due to hormonal changes in the body.

How To Use Onion Juice To Grow Your Hair


Onion juice for losing hair

Onion juice for losing hair


  • Onion is with some more types of minerals that are required to stop the hair from falling.
  • But if you have an allergy to onion make sure that you won’t use onion in the preparations of the onion juice by the onions.
  • The smell of the onion juice may sometimes be uneasy therefore at that time use rose water or lemon juice for the prepared onion juice
  • You have to use this onion juice for the growth of hair just after searching about it very well. Because you have to be in such a way prior to the usage of unfamiliar treatment

While consideration of the above facts you can use this treatment at your best. There is another most common issue with onion juice.

Does onion juice work perfectly?

Does onion juice work perfectly?


The usage of onion juice is increasing the rate of hair growth is not a proven factor by the tests. But small studies have proved that. The study has been done with multiple people who are feeling this condition. There were both male and female participants for the test. Among them, the hair regrows more people. By that factor, the onion juice is considered as a mixture that would help in the regrowth of the hair.

How does onion juice would help?

With the presence of multiple nutrients of the onion, there may be more features added to your hair. Just after the addition of the onion juice, all hair follicles would be nourished. The strength, volume, and shine of the hair might be increased as a result of the usage of onion juice. By increasing the nutrients level in the hair the onion juice will prevent the thinning and the continuous loss of the hair. Those are the main benefits that could be obtained by the usage of onion juice for your hair.

Antimicrobial property

This is the main feature included in the juice. By this quality, the onion juice would be able to fight against invisible organisms and prevent scalp infections.

Antioxidants  РThese are the main content of the juice. So Antioxidants are an agent that would be away from anybody from the free radicals. The free radicals will deteriorate your hair follicles and cause thin hair and the losing of hair.

How to squeeze juice from an onion?

  • Peel first and then chop these onions
  • Squeeze the juice from the onion by a juicer or else by squeezing method
  • Then place the taken juice into the hair correctly

If the reader is with the idea to utilize onion juice, start it after gaining proper knowledge about that.