As a runner, you have to be aware of these common injuries that have to face. Surely many of them would be multiple Ashes and pains too. There are multiple types of them that can be detected. These are related to the tendons, bones, and muscles. Running is a high-energy activity just like exercise. Even though the body can’t do repetitive moments. If you have got injured that won’t mean that you are actually injured. There might be multiple methods of injuries. The tweak, strain, tear, and sprain are some methods of injuries that can be easily happened. Here are sub-five types of injuries that could happen.

5 Running Injuries That You Should Know If You Are A New Runner

1. Runner’s knee

Runner's knee

That is a pain syndrome that is commonly called the runner’s knee. This is arising under the kneecap and that is feeling while running. That can arise in any place while doing any activity just like sitting, walking on stairs, and other areas. But especially this is arising with the people who are newer to running. And initially, this may start with the beginners of running. The hips would get very little strength when the thigh bone loses its activities. The condition is treated easily. That is an effect all runners can control easily. That could be moved into the severe effect of the syndrome.

2. Shin splints

Shin splints
Female runner suffering with pain on sports running knee injury

This is known as the medial tibial effect. In this syndrome, there would be pains in the inner parts or the surface of the Shin. This pain easily is seen outwards while the person is walking, sitting, and pulling something. Shin splints usually start when there is repetitive trauma. The tissue will break upon and become inflamed. To minimize the effect of the syndrome the running has to be paused for a few days.

3. Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis

This syndrome is the feeling that arises in the bottom portion of the feel near the heel. This can affect the irritations and the inflammations. When the foot moves down that will stretch easily. There might be multiple outcomes due to the situation of the syndrome. Because of that, the feet’ flat weakening of the hips and the weakening of the running mechanisms could occur.  To treat this condition the stretches and raises of the heel can be done.

4. Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis

The situation is occurring in the back part of the heels. This effect will lead to the pain and inflammation in the place. When you are doing more activities by using your legs, you can feel the pain of the leg. Just after this syndrome, the weakening of more parts of the legs can be observed. As the treatment for this condition, the people affected with the syndrome need more rest from doing the activities with high impact. If you can icing that affected place that is better.

5. Stress fractures

Stress fractures

This is starting with stress reactions. That fracture can be easily observed with the x-ray. Pain is a more common symptom that would arise. If your bones are difficult to repair that is the main reason for the syndrome. The treatments for the disease have to be done by checking the severity of the condition. These are common injuries that have to be faced while running. Awareness of these things is more valuable.