You will need ten minutes to follow these tricep and biceps workouts. Sometimes the reader is not a person that would not like to conduct more hard work. Just like a solution for that you could follow very easy steps just within some small period of time. As the arms separately unique steps have to be followed for biceps and triceps. Working can be done from various angles.

You can apply a lot of energy if the triceps and biceps are too small. While you are working with the muscles in the arm then surely you have to maintain that the muscles won’t get more fatigue easily. If it is possible you can convert that workout as a standalone arms routine. Also, anyone could shift to the heart-pumping exercise as in a hard way just within some small-time period. By paying more attention to the triceps and biceps, anyone is allowed to change the procedure and workout for the other parts of the body too. The following are some steps even facts required in the workout.

How To Do 10 Minutes Workout For Your Biceps and Triceps


  • Two of dumbells
  • Step or box for the triceps dips

While selecting the appropriate weight the person has to be so wise. The whole exercise has to be done without resting in between. Initially, the starting has to be done with the minimum weight. Then you can go heavier on the moves than one arm per ounce. 

3-way biceps curl

3-way biceps curl

  • Have to start with the arms by gripping the dumbells in your hands
  • Curl the dumbells at the shoulders and get that into the starting place
  • Rotate the wrists and curl the dumbells up to shoulder
  • Keep your arms wide and keep the elbow pushing towards you. Again curl the dumbells up to the shoulders
  • Continue it for more time

Skull crusher

Skull Crusher

  • This can be done by lying on the floor
  • Grip both dumbells in each of your hands
  • Keep the dumbells straight position
  • Keep your elbow in the same position and take the dumbells
  • Continue it at the same time as the above

Crossbody single-arm curl

Crossbody Single-Arm Curl

  • Take the two dumbells and grip each of them by your hands
  • Keep your both palms facing each other. Start from one hand.
  • Assume that you have started it from the right hand. Then make a circle.
  • Right shoulder to the left shoulder then to the left hip and last to the right hip.
  • Change the hands and continue it.

Renegade row to triceps kickback

Renegade Row to Triceps Kickback

  • Take the dumbells to your hands. Extend the legs to become the space wider.
  • Raise the dumbells up to your chest. At that time keep the elbow close to the torso. Keep both of the butt and abs tight in order to the prevention of rocking.
  • Then make your arm straight
  • Then again bend the arm repeat the same process into the other arm and do the same it

Wide grip bicep curl

Wide Grip Bicep Curl

  • Hold both of the dumbells in both hands.
  • Keep both arms wide and keep the elbow pushing to the sides of the ribs
  • Then bend down the elbow
  • Raise down the weight backward
  • Do the same process for some more time

If you want really to have these workout steps then you are allowed. Here there are some biceps and triceps steps. Just try those and check about the procedure.