You need to change the foundation from season to season. Is it possible? The simplest answer is no. But the foundation you use in the winter does not match with the winter season. It is better to have at least two separate foundations for extreme cold and hot. Mixing them together will give you the best result.

It is easy to match the foundation from season to season. If you are searching for the answer to the question of how to adjust my foundation from season to season, then you are at the right place. Just go through this article, you will find answers to the question.

Dilute the foundation

Moisture balancing in the skin during sunny days is the biggest problem you face. It is easy to mix some moisture-promoting substance into the foundation. Add a few drops of your favorite moisturizer to the foundation. Now, you have a hydrating and dewy finish foundation. The diluted moisture can hydrate the skin in cold seasons.

Diluting foundation with moisturizer will help your true skin tone to come out. You can dilute the foundation with SPF in the summer. So it will protect the skin from harsh sunlight.

Change the application method

Normally people use fingers, a sponge, or a brush to apply foundation. A slight shift in the skin tone is evident among the sunscreen wearers during a season change. If you are used to applying foundation using a brush, then try using your fingers. It needs a smaller amount of product. A damp sponge is suitable to blend out the foundation. 

Applying a small amount of foundation

The fashion world is turning towards the no make-up trend. So you need to pile on the foundation. You can focus on the areas to even out when applying foundation. So it will be easy for you to have the excellent look. It will also avoid too many products on our skin. Use clean fingers to add natural shine to your face while applying foundation. 

Blend two shades

You can blend the foundation with a darker shade. Always remember that the darker foundation must follow a lighter one. Newer blend two foundations having same shade. Always blend the light foundation with the darker one. It will give you an accurate and better foundation look while enhancing your complexion. 

Mix the foundation with some bronzer

Mix the foundation with some bronzer

You can mix the foundation with some bronzer to intensify the light foundation. It will give a sun-kissed look while darkening the shade. You can get the entire skin a bronzer look by applying it around the nose, chin, forehead, and cheeks. 

To Sum Up

Foundation gives us a pretty look. But you need to be careful when selecting the perfect match for the skin tone. It is essential to consider both your skin tone and undertone when applying a foundation. Now, you know the way to adjust your foundation from season to season. Follow the above tips and enhance your beauty.