Undergoing panic attacks is a scary feeling. But you can overcome this situation through best practices. 

Let’s check out 12 ways to stop a panic attack. 

1. Meditation

Meditation is the fast way to stop panic attacks. It helps to clear your mind and give chance to live in the present. A deep breath will help you to get rid of anxiousness, depression, and scariness. You can start meditation by listening to mind-healing music or taking breathe carefully. You can meditate either by walking or sitting comfortably. You will be able to find joy in the present while forgetting the past. Meditation helps you to find peace. So it will stop panic attacks.

2. Play relaxing music

Music is the meditation for many problems. It heals our souls. A piece of relaxing music can calm you. You can also listen to slow music and fall back asleep or calm down. Even when you are alone or anxiety bothers you, just start listening to music. 

3. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best methods to stop panic attacks. You can do running, climbing stairs, or jogging as an exercise. A lot of deep breathing helps to get out of panic attacks by taking away fears. 

4. Use deep breathing

Deep breathing reduces symptoms of panic in case of an attack. Several studies have shown the effectiveness of deep or diaphragmatic breathing. It has revealed improvements in attention levels and the emotional well-being of people. 

You can focus on inhaling and exhaling deep breaths by mouth. Feel the way air slowly fills your chest and belly. Then the way leaving them slowly again. You can do a count down while breathing to practice. 

5. Close your eyes

Closing your eyes also gives a kind of release in a panic attack. If you are staying in a fast-paced environment with having a lot of stimuli, it is difficult to change your focus. You can reduce stimuli by closing your eyes. It will block any extra stimuli and help to focus on your breathing. 

6. Imagine your happy place

Imagery techniques reduce anxiety and stress. Staying close to nature and visualizing nature helps to take away anxiety. Imagine a place you can relax at any time. It can be a sandy beach during the sunset, a forest, near a waterfall, or in a garden. Imagine that you are in that place and focus on each and every detail. Remember to think about a calm and quiet place. 

7. Keep lavender on your hands

Lavender oil is popular for reducing stress. It also makes you relaxed. It is better to use lavender oil with a natural smell. Don’t apply concentrated oil directly to your body. It is better to follow the instruction displayed in the label before use. 

8. Do muscle relaxing

Muscle relaxing techniques help to reduce tension. It promotes relaxation during an attack by controlling your body’s response. You can seek the help of a therapist. He will guide you to tense the muscles before releasing the tension, relax muscles without teasing them, relax a specific set of muscles, and have rapid relaxation. You can start by relaxing one muscle at a time. Start with something simple like fingers in the hand. 

9. Select a focus object

You can focus on a particular object during a panic attack. It will take away your attention. Select an object that is clearly visible and focus on all the details. You need to concentrate all your energy on this object. Then panic symptoms will subside. 

10. Give yourself a simple massage

A simple massage can relax you. When you have a panic attack, there are few places to focus. Massage the top part of your nose between the eyes. Gently move your finger up and down. Wrists or feet are also ideal body parts to massage during a panic attack. 

11. Get out of your head

Change your activities during a panic attack. You can draw a picture, browse the internet, use social media, or look around the home. Writing is also a good task you can do to get rid of anxiety. The activities you are using to get rid of panic attacks differ from other people. Do anything creative for yourself.

12. Repeat positive affirmation

Negative thoughts or fears lead to panic attacks. You must replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Download positive affirmations and listen to them daily. Being positive is a must to stop panic attacks. 

To sum up

There are ample ways to stop panic attacks. You should follow them without fear. Don’t be afraid at any time. A panic attack won’t last for a log.