Hair is the most important thing that is contained in our bodies. But that is unique. The features of ye hair may be diverse from each other. Therefore always we would select what is the most suitable one for our hair. But then the static hair is the problem. 

What is static hair?

What is Static Hair

When your hair builds an electric charge that is named the static hair. That means the hair has taken more other electrons. For that gaining, most of the time the humidity level might be helped. The following are some solutions to get rid of the static hair problem.

1. Using a better moisturizing shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo is better for keeping the hair in a better condition. Keep the moisture locked in the hair is needed. By that, you can maintain healthy hair.

2. Use a conditioner

The conditioner is needed to keep the hair cuticle protected and even improve the shine of the hair. Therefore don’t skip the conditioner at any time.

3. Use a deep conditioning mask

Sometimes your hair might be damaged and even that may be dried too much. In such cases, regular conditioning is not sufficient. Therefore deep conditioning mask is another solution.

4. Applying leave-in products

While selecting the perfect products in the application of the hair you should have to be careful.

5. Don’t use the drying products

Sometimes your hair is already dried and damaged. But unfortunately, you are selecting further drying products to apply to the hair. Therefore if you haven’t any experience with that please take advice from a respectable person. 

6. Try a hat  For hair

That is most needed in any conditions of the weather. That will protect your hair from falling off. 

7. Shampoo the hair often

This is about the regular washing of the hair. However, you have to avoid that. That means you shouldn’t have to shampoo your hair every day. Because that process may cause damage to the cells contained in the hair. 

8. Heat style of the hair

There are various styles that can be designed by using heat. But you have to note something. The heat is the main source that drains your hair. Therefore try to avoid the heat. 

9. Pull your hair up

This method will help you to prevent the hair from getting static. It is better if you can make your hair as a bun or else keep your hair as a braid. 

10. Avoid plastic combs

These plastic combs will enhance the quality of static nature. Therefore try to avoid the usage of plastic combs as much as you can. Then as an alternative use, the combs are made out of other materials like wood.

11. Wrapping hair in a towel made up of microfibre

The hair deserves a qualitative treatment. Even though the hair might be fragile when the hair is too wet. 

12. Trying anti-frizz sheet

This is the most effective method of drying. But always you have to be select a qualitative product. There are anti-frizz sheets that have been made especially for the hair.