What is the eyelid type you have? If you have the answer to this question, then wearing eye makeup is easy. You need to change the eye makeup depending on the eyelids to get the best results. Sometimes you may have experienced that an eye makeup didn’t work for you. that is because you didn’t concern about the type of eyelids. 

The types of eyelids are monolids, double eyelids, and hooded eyelids. If you don’t know the difference between eyelids, this article is for you.



Monolids don’t have a crease that separates the eyelid into two parts. It is very common among East Asian folks. Monolids have eyes sitting flush with browbone bridged by a stretch of skin without a visible fold. Just like your skin color, hair color, and other features of your appearance, monolids are caused by genetics. 

People having monolids love to make a different look and make eyelids appear double. If you a monolid, then you can get double eyelids from surgery, makeup, or tape. A surgical procedure known as Blepharoplasty is done to remove skin and create a crease in the eyelid. It is popular in Asian countries. 

Double eyelids

Double eyelids

People with double eyelids have a visible crease or fold of skin where the eye meets the eye socket. It divided the eyelid into two parts. 

Hooded eyelids

Hooded eyelids

People with hooded eyelids have a fold of skin that either partially or fully covers the eyelid. They can’t see their eyelid when looking straight into a mirror. Some people get hooded eyelids from birth. It can come over time with the age too. 

How to create eyelid creases with makeup?

People with monolid can get a double eyelid look using makeup. Let’s check out some of them.

  • Eyeliner and eye shadows

You can use eyeliners and eye shadows to create the look of a crease in your eyelids. You will be able to enhance a slight crease with it. Try to use brighter shades of makeup as they give a more open, deeper, and wider look. 

  • False lashes and mascara

Many girls have used to wear false lashes to enhance their look. It changes the look without making any permanent change. False eyelashes can make eyes appear larger and deeper. Mascara also enhances natural lashes. 

To Sum Up

It is important to know your eyelid type. So you can choose the best makeup to wear. If you have monolid, there is no visible crease to define with eye shadow. You can sweep shadows along the upper lashes to define the eyes. For hooded eye owners, most of the eyeliner tips and tricks may not work. They can relax their eyes and sketch the wing over the fold avoiding the skin being taut. Double lids owners have id space to work. If you have double lids, then use dark shades to define creases and add depth to the look. Depending on your eyelid type, you can have a different look.