A healthy scalp with hair is a sign of your cleanliness. It is essential to wash your hair by following a routine. You can’t wash your scalp or hair without shampoo and conditioner. We know that, you use these two. But do you follow the correct method? If you have any doubt about the way of shampooing and conditioning hair, then this article is for you. 

How To Shampoo and Condition Your Hair Correctly

What is the difference between shampoo and conditioner?

The shampoo is for your scalp. It cleanses away dirt, oil, grime, and excess oil build-up on the head. You should not apply shampoo on hair strands as it can damage hair.

Conditioner is for your hair strands. It replenishes moisture and hydrates hair. The shampoo leaves negative ions on the hair. conditioner turns those into positive ions and reduces static. Conditioning also helps in detangling, frizzing, and friction occurs in hair strands. 

How to use shampoo? 

You should wet the scalp before applying shampoo. Then take a sufficient amount of shampoo onto your palm. You can dilute it with water or rub your palms together. Then, apply it to the scalp. Try to avoid applying shampoo on hair strands as much as possible. Gently massage the scalp until you reach all areas of your head. Rinse away shampoo from the head. It is essential to wash away shampoo completely from the scalp. Otherwise, it will make dandruff, dry, and itchy scalp.

Whenever you experience a weak lather, remember to repeat the above shampooing method. Remember that, it is not good to use shampoo daily on your scalp. It can make an over the oily scalp. 

How to condition hair?

You must thoroughly rinse the shampoo with water. Then rinse out excess water from the hair strands. Take some conditioner onto your palm. Apply conditioner on hair strands. Let it for a few minutes. Then rinse away with water. 

There are several types of conditioners on the market. If your hair is too damaged then use a deep conditioner. Don’t rinse leave-on conditioner after applying to hair. 

Don’t apply conditioner on your scalp s it disrupts the scalp’s natural process of making nutrients through oil production. Sometimes scalp will be confused by having conditioner. So scalp will produce unwanted oil to fight with conditioner. It will weaken your hair. 

If you are having healthy hair, it is not essential to the condition it daily. But when you are experiencing severe dehydration or on a routine to mend the damage, it is okay to condition hair length daily. 

To Sum Up

A silky-soft shiny hair improves your beauty and personality. But you must do it correctly. Selecting the best shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair type is also important.  You can make natural shampoo and conditioner even at the home. Otherwise, it can lead to dandruff and create many other problems. The golden rule to keep in your mind is, that shampoo is for your scalp while the conditioner is for hair. Try to wash your hair with normal cold water as warm water can harm the scalp and hair strands.