Peptides are famous as an anti-aging and functional medicine from the past. Those are small chains of amino acids that create proteins. Peptides are available in every part of the body and act as messengers that take signals to specific glands and proteins into performing exact tasks. 

Peptides absorb and pass through the body easily because of their diminutive nature. It has multiple uses like anti-aging treatments, biohacking, bodybuilding, hair loss therapy, treatment of sexual dysfunction, and sports injury treatment. 

Reason for getting wrinkles

If you are wondering why wrinkles are appearing on your skin, you will get the answer today. Our skin consists of three layers namely, epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Collagen plays a major role in supporting elasticity to the skin. It also acts as the building block for teeth, muscles, connective tissues, joints, and bones. Women experience a collagen production reduction by the age of 60 years. That is the way you get wrinkles on the skin with the age. Loss of collagen can be caused by lifestyle factors like sun damage, a poor diet, and smoking. 

When collagen breaks down, peptide signals the skin to produce new collagen. When you apply skin care products containing peptides, skin cells tend to produce more collagen. 

The Benefits of peptides on Skin Care

You will find more than a hundred peptides varieties. Skin Care trainers suggest that there are mainly two most effective peptides available for skincare. Those two are signaling peptides and neuropeptides. Signaling peptides motivate the body’s own natural processes to rebuild the longer chain proteins to make collagens. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Neuropeptides are responsible for working on the muscular level to block the transmission of signals from the nerves to the facial muscles. 

When compared with other beauty ingredients, peptide works collaboratively with the body’s own natural processes. 

Peptides promote tissue healing

Tissue healing peptides are also available. They help to recover from sports injuries faster. Some examples are BPC-157 which is an orally administered peptide for healing torn ligaments and TB-500, an injectable peptide for repairing the effect on injured ligaments and tendons. 

Help to fight against aging

Aging is a common problem that all organisms undergo. Epitalon is a popular peptide used in anti-aging therapies. It is a small peptide made with 4 amino acids. It attaches to the DNA chain and dilates locally while increasing gene expression. FOXO4-DRI is another peptide used for anti-aging. It increases gene expressions through cell autophagy. 

Tightens skin

Peptides in skin care products help to tighten the skin. It stimulates new collagen growth. GHK peptide complex with copper helps to tighten loose skin at the same time improving elasticity, firmness, and skin density. 

To Sum Up

Peptides are essential for our skin to fight the look of anti-wrinkles. It is one of the main ingredients in skincare products. You will find it in creams, supplements, and also injectable peptides. It is packed un plant and animal sources like hemp seeds, wheat, soy, oats, shellfish, milk, meat, eggs, and lentils. You should consult a dermatologist before using peptide supplements as a skincare ingredient, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on medications.