Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing technique, believes that beauty originates from within. It aims to balance the entire body, maintain digestive health, optimize energy, and treat each individual according to her or his own “dosha” to enhance natural beauty. The goal is to improve your overall health in order to get that extra glow and shine.

According to Ayurveda, each person has their own specific dosha: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. People with Vata Dosha have thin, dry skin, narrow pores, and delicate and wrinkle-prone skin. Rashes and outbreaks are common among Pitta Dosha people. If their dosha is out of balance, they will also be prone to rosacea. Your skin will be thicker and oilier, and your pores will be expanded if you have Kapha Dosha. You’ll also get blackheads, acne, and eczema as a result.

The Ayurvedic Route to Natural Beauty 7 Tips To A Radiant You!

Here are some Ayurvedic holistic beauty recommendations just for you!

1. Natural Oils Are Great For Everything

Natural Oils Are Great For Everything

Coconut Oil is light and refreshing and it is ideal for those with oily skin. If your skin is dry, use desi ghee or refined butter instead of your normal moisturizing lotion or cream. Organic Castor Oil is also an excellent choice for those who have dry, irritated skin.

Neem Oil can aid in the removal of pimples and skin outbreaks. You may even use these oils in your face masks. If your face still looks greasy after washing off the oil, then you could try using besan or chickpea powder to remove it, or you could just apply the oil to your skin after mixing it with besan. All of these options will give your skin a beautiful shine.

As people age, the skin produces less oil, and our lipid barrier thins, so a great oil with a firm hydration profile would be a phenomenal addition to your routines.

According to Srivastava, you could also make your hair look lustrous with coconut oil. Not only does it provide shimmer, but also strengthens and nourishes the hair. You could take your time to massage it in (add essential oils such as geranium, lavender, and rosemary, if you can) to promote circulation and clean off dead skin cells, which are claimed to encourage hair growth.

Furthermore, the most popular form of practice has been oil pulling, where one would swish sesame or coconut oil instead of mouthwashes. Its immediate benefits would be related to oral hygiene; however, it also boosts your overall health (healthy gums leading to a healthy heart) and aids in overall detoxification.

2. Exfoliate with Sugar

Take some sugar grains and apply them to your skin. The heat from your skin will gradually melt the sugar while exfoliating your skin and providing a cooling effect. As a result, it will accelerate cell regeneration. Exfoliating with sugar will also retain the natural moisture of your skin, keep your skin toned and firm, and help cellulite.

You could simply use a “raw silk gharshana” for dry or sensitive skin to provide an effective but less abrasive form of exfoliation, or a natural bristle brush for thicker, oily skin. Massage in upward, circular strokes toward the heart, beginning with your feet. You may also use it as a scrub by combining it with herbs such as bhringraj, slippery elm, and rose petals.

3. Swab With or Bathe Yourself in Raw Milk

Full-fat milk or cream-based masks are wonderful for soothing and cooling irritated or inflamed skin. You could bathe in it or dip a cotton ball into a small bowl of raw milk once a day and thoroughly clean your face with it to get rid of debris from your pores. It is found to have tremendous moisturizing and softening properties because of the presence of fats and lactic acid in raw milk.

If you are vegan, you could always try using coconut oil which has similar properties.

4. Need a Toner? Add Rosewater Or Aloe Vera To Your Daily Regimen

Rosewater has a cooling effect on the skin and leaves it smooth and supple. It can be used as many times as you choose during the day and can be really refreshing during the hot summer months. It can be used as a spray, or you may also soak cotton balls in rose water and freeze them for later use. After a rough day, rub these cotton balls on your face for an instant boost in your energy levels.

Or you could always use Aloe Vera, which also provides similar results as rosewater, providing smooth, supple, and younger-looking skin. Some prefer to use it as a toner or treatment, whereas others use it as a form of a daily swig or just slip them into drinks.

5. Learn The Art of Self Massage

Giving yourself a massage not only feels great, but it also wakes up your entire body, resulting in smooth, depuffed, and lively skin. An Ayurvedic Massage with massage oil in gentle sweeping motions – going upward, against gravity, for a lifting effect – using your fingers or a massage tool would be ideal. Even two minutes before bed has proven to be helpful.

6. A Sleep Routine Makes All The Difference

When you sleep poorly, the first things that struggle are your skin and energy and in order to sleep, you need to calm your racing mind. This can be done by stepping in a steaming salt bath for twenty minutes to relieve tension or doing a self-message using body/massage oil with a delicate fragrant blend of lavender and jasmine. You could also light a candle while you soak or while meditating before bed. All of these contribute towards having a good night’s sleep and ensure that the transition between two days would be as refreshing and smooth as possible.

7. Food is Powerful – For Skin and Body

According to Ayurveda, getting good fats through foods like avocado, coconut, ghee, nuts, and seeds is essential for maintaining glowing skin and healthy joints. Additionally, the way the food is prepared is also crucial; cooked food is easier to digest; avoid eating raw or cold food, consuming excessive amounts of spices, and ingesting caffeine. Moreover, drink water of room temperature because iced water can affect metabolism. It is also stated that you should never take a shower right after a heavy meal since your body processes food better while the body is warm.

Master Your Own Health With Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an effective method of self-care, and it can be annoying to see the doctor when you are feeling ill, just for them to inform you that they found nothing in your blood test. Whereas Ayurveda provides strategies that apply to every single aspect of you, significantly enhancing your quality of life, and also empowering you to look after your own health.