If you are blessed with glowing, clean, and clear skin then you don’t need foundation. You don’t have anything to cover up in the face. But the truth is totally different from this. We don’t have such perfect skin. But do you know that you can get coverage without foundation? Yeah, it is possible. 

Foundation is not essential to cover up our face. This article will give you a brief understanding of the methods to get coverage without using a foundation. 

Make your base perfect

If you hate foundation, then the cover-up needs to be done from any other. For that, you should know the places that need a huge cover-up. A good cleanser, moisturizer, serum, and a makeup remover will help to keep your skin delighted. You should deeply clean the skin morning and night. All dirt and makeup need to remove from the skin. Otherwise, they will block the pores and make blackheads and other skin problems. Make it a habit to remove makeup from the skin before hitting your head on the pillow. 

Try it step by step

You can’t stop a foundation from one night. It needs confidence. You won’t be able to build it just in one day. If you used to apply foundation for the whole week, then omit one day. It is easy to introduce a no foundation day to a weekend, hibernation day, or holiday. Then you can extend it to two to three days. With time you will get the confidence to go out without using foundation on the face. 

You can use a CC cream or tinted moisturizer to mask your face. A tinted moisturizer is ideal to wear instead of foundation. Most of the tinted moisturizer brands are lightweight and add a glow that doesn’t veer into glittery. If you want to get sun protection from the tinted moisturizer, then there are some brands containing SPF. So you can try one of them. 

Ready for bad days

Poor skin days are normal for everyone. There are some days that you feel your skin is not good to see even by you. These bad days come due to lack of sleep, transitional weather, unruly hormones, an unbalanced diet, and hangovers. Concealer helps to drive away period spots and traces of stress from your face. Some concealer products provide two shades to reduce dark patches and redness. 

A restorative mask is suitable to deal with skin flare-ups and dull days. You will find hundreds of face masks made with different ingredients at the market. Select a face mask that can boost your face and give you a radiant look. 

To sum up

Too much makeup is not good for our skin. It won’t enhance your beauty. A foundation helps to mask blemishes, patches, and other blackheads on the face. If you hate foundation, then there are several alternatives. Try one or two of them to get a radiant look.