Food can change your mood. Can you believe that? If you are not believing it, then you might believe it after reading this article. Some people used to eat a lot when they are stressed while some people refuse food. Even it shows food can play an important role in our mood. 

Food gives us energy

Food gives us energy

Human beings can’t live without food. Our body is a powerhouse that works without any relaxation till we die. Even while you are sleeping your brain and respiratory organs work. Food supplies energy for all these tasks. 

How does food affect your mood?

There is a connection between food and your mood. Let’s check out how food affects mood. 

Stress and cravings

Your body releases cortisol when stressed. It is called flight or fight hormone. Cortisol helps the body cope with an attack. In return, it absorbs energy from the body creating a drop in sugar levels. 

Just after stress, you may have experienced a tired and depletion. When you are studying for an exam, you have used to eat more snacks like chips and soft drinks. That is the way how food affects your mood. 

Serotonin hormone

Serotonin is a feel-good hormone that helps the body to regulate sleep, mood, and appetite, and affects the feeling of pain. Lack of serotonin will make you feel tired, irritable, tense, and crying.

Feeling angry after skipping meals

Sometimes you may have experienced anger after skipping a meal. When you are hungry, the body sugar level decreases. So you feel tired. Then body releases cortisol and epinephrine to boost sugar levels. As a result, you experience a grumpy feeling. Body signals you to eat and make yourself more aggressive. Then you become an angry hungry person. 

What is the best good-mood food?

Nutritious food can boost your brainpower and regulate moods. So let’s check out some good-mood food that you can consume.


Many people love to eat strawberries. It is a fruit that can fix your bad mood. It is high in fiber and vitamins and can reduce cortisol levels In your body. So you won’t feel stressed easily. 

Dark chocolate

When you are stressed, eat a piece of dark chocolate. It will help to relieve your stress. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and stimulates serotonin. 


You can prepare eggs in multiple ways. Boiled, poached, omelet, and scrambled egg are some of them. it is a rich source of protein and vitamin D. Egg helps you to stabilize blood sugar. After consuming the egg you will feel full. It directly stimulates good hormones and makes you feel good. 


Nuts are a rich source of nutrients like omega 3, magnesium, selenium, and tryptophan. It is perfect for your emotional survival. 


A cup of tea can cure everything. It is believed by the British. A cup of tea can reduce stress hormones. It is also famous as a fat-fighter. 

To Sum up

Food affects your health and mood. Unhealthy food creates negative effects on your body and mind. Though the negative effects of unhealthy food do not come immediately, they will arrive with time. Sometimes you can relieve stress by consuming good-mood foods.