A well-moisturized hair improves your personality. it avoids the dryness that leads to dull and brittle hair. It is not difficult to moisturize your hair. 


Let’s check out the top 10 tips to moisturize hair. 

1. Select a shampoo suitable for your hair

Select a shampoo suitable for your hair

Not all shampoos are good for every hair. You must select the best shampoo to moisturize your hair. There are shampoos made with natural ingredients. Coconut oil is one such ingredient that helps to moisturize hair. Egg Is also a good ingredient that is available in shampoo.

2. Don’t use shampoo daily

Are you bathing every day? Though it is a good habit daily shampooing is not good. Shampoo replenishes the natural hair on your scalp. Just have a bath without using shampoo. 

3. Use Conditioners for dry hair

It is essential to apply conditioner after wetting your hair. Remember that you must apply conditioner only on the hair. Avoid applying on the scalp. 

4. Honey for dry hair

Honey for dry hair

Honey has several benefits it can moisturize hair too. The sheen and shine will come to your hair after applying honey. First, you need to dampen your hair. Then apply honey on the scalp and let it for half an hour. You can remove it using water. For better results, apply the honey mask thrice a week. A honey hair pack is ideal for dry hair. 

5. Egg and avocado for dry hair

Egg and avocado for dry hair

Both avocado and egg are moisturizers. You can make an avocado and egg moisturizing hair mask at home. Simply, make a paste by mixing flesh of avocado or oil with an egg. If you have honey at home, then add a few drops. The hair mask removes dirt and grime on the hair. It will add moisture and improve the texture of dry hair.

6. Finger Combing

Finger Combing

Frequent brushing of hair causes loss of moisture and increase brittleness. As a result, you will lose hair. If you want to make your hair tidy then use finger combing. It will spread natural oil evenly on the scalp. Finger combing will help to retain moisture in the hair too. 

7. Never comb damp hair

Damp or weight hair tends to break easily when combing. So make sure that you are combing hair when it is dry. It can lead to dry hair too.

8. Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera is a herb that improves your overall health. You can apply aloe vera gel to your scalp and hair. It has the ability to moisturize hair. You can use either natural aloe vera or aloe vera gel available at the market. Apply a small amount of aloe vera and wait for about an hour. Then rinse off with lukewarm water. 

9. Deep Moisturizing treatments for hair

If you are hair is extremely dry, then deep moisturizing treatments will offer good results. Shea butter is one such deep moisturizer. The fatty acids and antioxidants in shea butter are well-known for moisturizing hair. You can have a deep moisturizing treatment once a week. 

10. Use a leave-on conditioner

The Leave-on conditioner refortifies the cuticles with a protective layer and adds moisturizer to the cortex. So your hair will grow without breaking. The Leave-on conditioner will help to detangle strands, maintain curls, and control frizz. 

To Sum Up

You can have several treatments to moisturize hair. But remember your diet should also be balanced to have healthy hair. Don’t expose hair to high heat as it will damage hair strands. You can apply hair oil for good results.