Hot tools create gorgeous hairstyles. But heat setting is not suitable for your hair as it can cause damages in many ways. So you must take all the necessary precautions to minimize hot tool damage. 

You can follow certain precautions when using curling irons, blow dryers, and straighteners. If you are not aware of those precautions this article will help you learn them. Let’s check out the way to minimize hot tool damages as much as possible. 

Use a heat protectant

High heat always damages our hair by evaporating water molecules from the inner cortex of the hair. It makes hair strands frizzy and dry. You can get rid of this havoc with the use of a heat protectant. It creates a barrier between hair and styling tools. Apply a heat protectant to wet or dry hair before exposing it to high heat. 

A hair protectant has some other benefits too. It helps to reduce frizz and smooth cuticles. So your hair will look soft, silky, and manageable. 

Set the right temperature

You should use the right temperature when styling hair. A lower temperature is compatible with thinner, finer hair as it has more tendency to damage. If you have thinner hair, try to stay under 200 degrees Fahrenheit while straightening or curling your hair. A thick hair can bear a temperature from 200 to 300 degrees. 

Use the cool setting at every possible time

You can cut down the heat by applying it to hair to a certain extent. It will reduce hair damage. You can dry your tresses with cool air as an alternative to hot air from a blow dryer. 

Designers have developed hairdryers with a cool shot button to make them versatile. Once you press the button, a burst of cold air is released. It takes a long time to dry your hair with cold air compared to hot air. But it reduces the amount of damage. 

Use low heat settings

Don’t use the highest temperature to heat set your hair. You can start with a moderate temperature and check the reaction. Then you can decide whether to decrease or increase the temperature. You should consider the styling preference as well as hair tolerance when adjusting the temperature. 

Use styling tools in fully dried hair

You must avoid using hair styling tools on wet tresses. This is not applicable for hair dryers or hot airbrushes. When you are using hot rollers, curling iron, or hair straighteners make sure that hair is dry. Extreme hair breakages will appear as a result of using hot straightener plates on wet hairs. You can use a good-quality hair dryer to dry wet tresses. Do it properly and then use other styling tools. It will help you to maintain good-looking and healthy hair. 

To Sum Up

Healthy hair is a blessing while rough, damaged, and frizzy hair is no fun at all. Most of the cherished heat styling tools you are using, cause lots of damage to the hair. When you follow the right precautions while using heat styling tools, you still have the chance to enjoy smooth, silky, soft, and healthy hairstyles.