The pandemic has kept us inside our homes. So we need to do many pieces of stuff by ourselves. Having a haircut is one such thing that we need to do at home. If you are finding a way to cut men’s hair at home, you are at the right place. Just go through this article.


How to prepare for a haircut?

1. Wash the Hair

It is easy to handle hair when it is free from snarl and clean. You need to wash your hair with shampoo before cutting. Apply a conditioner as it is easy to control when cutting. Remember to wash the hair even after conditioning.

2. Detangle hair

When your hair is messed with tangles, it is difficult to cut. So take a comb and detangle. You can use either a comb or fingers for this.

3. Dry the wet hair

It is easy to cut hair when it is damp. But don’t try to cut hair with soaking water. Use a towel to pat the hair. You can comb the again hair to remove tangles after drying.

4. Choose a comfortable place

It takes a few hours to have a proper haircut. So it is better to allocate considerable time for a haircut. You must select a comfortable place near to a mirror.

Let’s check out the men’s hairstyles that you can have at home.

The simple tidy-up

You can have a simple tidy-up for your hair. Removal of unwanted sprouting hairs and heaviness in the haircut is the basis of a simple tidy-up. You need to comb the hair for its natural fall. It will help to figure out the hair direction and give an idea of the cutting. Start with detailing around the ears using the scissor tip. You need to angle the scissors parallel to the hair growth. So it will give a softer line. Don’t cut a big amount of hair at a time. You can keep your ear down flat and cover with your hand while cutting hair.

It is better to look at the mirror to get an idea about the cut. It will avoid proceeding the wrong cut too far. Use a small clipper to get rid of neck hair. You can twist the hair with fingers. So it will create a fluid texture and remove length through the top.

The short back and sides

Short back and side hair cut will give you a new look. You need to wet the top of the hair. Try to level on both sides to give the structure. Don’t go for too short. It is better to use clipper grade two or three settings above the actual length you need. Start at the hairline and cut in an upward motion. Allow the clipper to remove the hair. You need to reach the section line that was created through the sides and back. Take the next number of the clipper to make a blend using the same motion. Repeat with the clipper grade numbers. The top hair must form a horseshoe. So it is needed to point cut the overhanging length horizontally to blend with sides.

Now, the hair should be combed vertically and point cut the length to get the result you want. Try to comb the fringe slightly back towards the crown. Tg=he short back and sides hair cut will give you a nice look.