Many people like to keep their outer appearance more beautiful & attractive. And also to reduce your body weight and fat to maintain a slim body. Also, keep skin color and skin health well. Not only that, many people want to maintain good and healthy hair. But what if you have less hair? What do you do if your hair growth is not enough? Many people follow various treatment methods to grow their hair fast and keep their hair healthy.

You may be wondering why different people grow hair at different rates. Some people have a lot of hair. Other people’s hair recedes quickly. Other people’s hair grows faster. In this way, there are several main reasons that affect each person’s hair loss.

  • Age
  • Nature of hair
  • Health status

Our hair starts growing from a young age. When we go older, the color of the hair changes, and the healthiness, strength, and durability of the hair decrease. But did you know that hair is the fastest-growing tissue in our body? And you have seen how much your hair falls out in a day. If so, your hair should be completely gone by now, right? But just by saying that it is not, you can see how fast our hair grows.

In this post, which is very important for those with little hair, those without hair, and those who want to take care of their existing hair, we hope to teach you some things to do to grow your hair quickly and keep it healthy for a long time. So, if you want to own natural and healthy hair quickly, try these 10 natural methods now.

Get a regular trim for hair

You probably cut your hair at least once a month. Both men and women usually get haircuts. But doing so will not make your hair grow faster. But if you can trim your hair regularly, you will get the opportunity to grow your hair faster. You can do this at home even if you have a hair trim machine.

Do a daily scalp massage

Another thing that you can do on your own to grow hair fast is to do a scalp massage. Doing a scalp massage will speed up the blood flow to your scalp. It speeds up your hair growth. Therefore, you should do a scalp massage every day for about 4-5 minutes. Also, by doing a scalp massage like this, you can reduce your stress.

Add protein-rich foods to your daily diet

Eating a well-balanced diet is good for your health in every way. Therefore, if you care a lot about your hair, it is better to eat protein-rich foods. Foods with protein contain keratin, so it helps your hair to grow quickly. So get foods like eggs, yogurt, chicken breast, and beans. Thus, by getting about 45g of protein per day, you will be able to grow hair quickly in a short period of time.

Add foods rich in iron and zinc to your daily diet

Iron and Zinc are two components that help your cells and protein. So try to add spinach, beans, whole grains, and fish to your meals. A deficiency of Iron and Zinc can lead to reduced hair growth, graying of hair, and also complete loss of hair.

The amount of Iron and Zinc that you need varies from person to person. And it changes depending on age, gender, and health. Therefore, the best thing to do is to meet your doctor and prepare a good diet plan before taking foods containing Iron and Zinc.

Do not overheat your hair

Most people are used to using a hair dryer to dry their hair quickly after bathing. Many people who live in countries with low temperatures as well as those who live in countries with high temperatures are used to using one hair dryer like this. But heating your hair for a long time will slow down your hair growth. Also, the existing hair becomes weak and becomes a reason to fall out quickly.

Also, heating happens when adding many styles to your hair. A straightening iron or a hot comb is often used there. By heating your hair in such ways, the lifespan and health of the hair gradually decrease. So, as much as possible, stop giving unnecessary excessive heat to your hair.

Also, taking a hot bath is one of the reasons why the hair gets too hot. Many people are used to bathing in hot water because of the cold weather. But getting hot water on the hair will weaken your hair quickly. Therefore, try to reduce the temperature of the water as much as possible and give coolness to the hair.

Reduce hair coloring

Many people like to change their hair color. Bleach and other chemical hair treatments are often used for that. But by coloring the hair in this way, its growth will stop. Although it adds temporary beauty to your hair, it is bad for a long time. So stop adding unnecessary chemicals to your hair and damaging your hair.

Brush your hair often

Brush your hair often

If you’re a hair lover, you’re probably getting your hair done all the time, right? It is indeed necessary. For faster hair growth, combing it well and often will help you grow hair faster. Comb your hair at least three times a day with a good comb or brush. By combing the hair like this, the scalp oil will naturally reach the hair. Combing the hair, especially before going to sleep is a reason for hair growth and keeping healthy.

Keep your mind relaxed

Mind is the main thing that often affects the health of our body. If the mind is clear and relaxed, we can reduce many of our diseases. This fact is also common for hair. If you are under a lot of stress, it directly causes hair growth to stop. It can even affect hair loss. So try to reduce your stress from today. For that, you can do yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. Also, you can reduce your stress by getting a good comfortable sleep of 6-7 hours a day.

Use a good pillow for good sleep

As mentioned earlier, good sleep is necessary to keep the mind relaxed and it is also important to have a good pillow for good sleep. Therefore, use a silk or satin pillow when sleeping. Hair is hydrated by using such pillows to prevent frizz. These materials help the hair to grow faster by making it smoother.

Apply conditioner after shampooing

If you use shampoo in the bath, it is a good medicine for your hair. But if conditioner is used along with it, it is another good treatment for hair. Conditioning can keep the hair healthy and strong. After shampooing, apply a little conditioner to the middle of the hair. Then wash it well with cool water. But remember, do not remove the conditioner from the roots of your hair.

Here we are explaining 10 natural things that are very important to keep the hair healthy and growing very fast. All these are things that you can easily do without any extra effort or unnecessary expenses. In addition, if you want to get medical treatment for your hair, it is best to meet a doctor who has good knowledge about it. Otherwise, don’t add various chemicals to your hair as you like just because of the TV ads. As a result, your hair will start to fall out regardless of your hair growth.